Dock City Rollers C-gulls — Team Kånk


Datum Tid Liga Säsong
2017-04-08 14:00 Vänskap 2016/2017


Dock City Rollers proudly presents a Saturday afternoon filled with roller derby! Sit back and enjoy while our A, B and C-team takes on the Beavers of Gothenburg, Team Kånk and the Queen Bee’s of Helsinki. Yes, that’s a triple header and yes, that’s all of the DCR teams playing on the same day! Derby nerds and derby newbies of all ages – WELCOME!

Valhalla A (Valhallagatan 3, Göteborg, Sweden)

12.00 Dock City Rollers Plan B vs. Gothenburg Roller Derby Badass beavers
14.00 Dock City Rollers C-gulls vs. Team Kånk
16.00 Dock City Rollers A-Team vs. Helsinki Roller Derby Queen bee’s

Entrance: 100 kr
0-12 years old: Free entrance
Student: 2 for 1
(Only Cash or Swish!)

Our awesome DJ this saturday will be Nina Natri!

If you are an Official, fill this form:

ps. A heads up to everyone! We have a player that is severly allergic to perfumes.
The sensitivity applies to all perfumed hygiene products (deodorants, schampoos, hair conditioners, shower creams, hairproducts, skin care products, fresh nail polish and nail polish remover, tiger balm/liniment, etc) as well as laundry detergent and fabric softener. She’s also sensitive to the smell of flowers, cigarette smoke, fresh paint, cleaning detergent and petrol.
Please respect this and avoid all perfumed products this day.

After party:
Everyone with a wristband gets the entrance for 80:- Come early to get in!